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Roni Rotem

Roni Rotem is a contemporary choreographer based in Berlin and Tel Aviv.

in 2023 she received the Dis-Tanzen-solo FUNDING PROGRAM FOR FREELANCE DANCERS  under NEUSTART- KULTUR. 

 in 2019, she won the Israeli Cultural minister prize for Choreographers. 

Roni’s works have been presented in several of Israel’s most prestigious dance events and have garnered prizes, commissions and residencies at home and abroad. Her choreographic style is inspired by her deep passion for music, drawing on a range of genres from Chet Baker to Foo Fighters to Maurice Ravel. Roni enjoys collaborating with jazz and rock musicians and is not afraid to use cynicism and humor in her creations. 

Alongside her own choreographic journey, Roni performs with prominent Israeli choreographers such as Shlomi Bitton and teaching workshops in Berlin.

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9 Muses                                                 Acker Stadt Palast Residency / Feb-March 2021

I just wann.....                                         Speedance festival Dock 11 / October 2021 Berlin

Bach Project                                          POPUP dance studio residency /  January 2021 Berlin collaboration with Musician Dekel Bor

Madam Zard                                           Biennale Clandestine, Lyon France Sep 20, PAS Petersburg art space. Berlin OCT 20

The zoo project                                      Volkspark Berlin / July 20 

Welcome to Virtual Humans                   Artist Residency in Berlin, Petersburg art space, Berlin December 19, Dance Craft Vienna,                                                                                  Austria 2020, Battleroyal 2020, Tanzintents 2020.

CANDYLAND                                         Created in residency at Lake Studios Berlin 2018

                                                              Suzzane dellal Center Performance Feb 2019, Show case New studio July 2019, Suzanne dellal                                                                         Performance Nov 19                                                                                                                                                                                      

½                                                            Shades of Dance Choreography Competition 2015, International Exposure 2015,                                                                                                 Open Ending Festival 2017, Quarter to Dance Festival 2016, AGITART Dance Festival, Spain 2017.

Men To Be                                              Tel Aviv Dance Festival 2018, International Exposure 2018, Bascula Arts Space Festival 2018,                                                                           10 sentidos dance festival, Valencia spain 2019, PAS Center, Berlin 2019


Shlomi Bitton Dance Group                    Dancer. performed the works Lovers &  Haters 2015-2017, Tulips 2018 

Second hand lover by Oren Lavie          video clip dancer 2018

Prehillion solo work                                 by Chad Michael Hall 2017

Jerusalem Dance Theater                       Company member  2014-2015


Contemporary Dance Teacher               Tanzfabrik Berlin, Papillon Berlin, Tanzhalle, Hadash High school, Studio Balance TLV                                                                                                                                 

KCDC Summer Intensive                         Teacher, Artistic Manager 2012-2019



Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company       choreographers Idan Sharabi, Michal Getman, Shlomi Bitton, Martin                                                                                                               Harriague, participated in the ACTS School of the Arts student exchange 2013                    


Kibbutzim College - Graduated with BA of Education and Dance 2017  

Dror High School- Graduated from the dance department 2009                                           

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